Black Widow

Black Widow

Ernest Ebell

The Complextet: Alexis Sandusky - clarinet, Will Heinz - alto saxophone, Jasmine Sandusky - bassoon, Daniel Grant - piano, Gary Deaguero - electric guitar, Will Roland - electric bass.

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About this piece:

 Black Widow was developed at Metropolitan State University of Denver, initiated by the composer, and conceived as a from-the-ground-up collaborative project between composer, choreographers, and visual artist.  The piece employs extended techniques for the woodwinds, aleatoric sounds from the guitar, and various pedal effects from both guitar and bass.

Black Widow premiered at the King Center in Denver, Colorado on April 30th, 2017.

Visual Artist-Choreographer: Madison "Maddi" Troisi.

Choreographers-Dancers in order of appearance: Lynda Gernhard, Lauren Hope, Lauren Brown, Johanna "Joie" Martin.


Artwork by Maddison "Maddi" Troisi