Interior Landscapes

"Interior Landscapes" began life as a composition project at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and was shepherded into existence under the watchful eye of Dr. Leanna Kirchoff.  The piece was deemed to be good enough to submit to the Playground Ensemble for their annual Colorado Composers Concert.  The Playground Ensemble is known as one of the premiere chamber ensembles in the Rocky Mountain states, and for their championing of new works for the contemporary concert hall.  Happily, the piece was accepted by the ensemble, and performed at their Colorado Composers Concert 12 in 2018. 

"Interior Landscapes" is an exploration of five emotions: "Reeling," an almost dizzy or falling feeling one has when overwhelmed.  "Trepidatious," the uneasy feeling one has when trying to move forward, but fearing some unknown thing will spring out at any moment from some unknown place.  The remaining three emotions, "Startled," "Angry," and "Sorrowful," are as one would expect. 

The instruments may be thought to represent the subconscious mind, churning through emotions constantly.  The Soprano represents the conscious mind, with the emotions only occasionally surfacing from the subconscious.  Even then, the conscious mind cannot clearly define the emotions.



Black Widow

Black Widow was developed at Metropolitan State University of Denver, initiated by the composer, and conceived as a from-the-ground-up collaborative project between composer, choreographers, and visual artist.  The piece employs extended techniques for the woodwinds, aleatoric sounds from the guitar, and various pedal effects from both guitar and bass. 

Black Widow premiered at the King Center in Denver, Colorado on April 30th, 2017. 

Visual Artist-Choreographer: Madison "Maddi" Troisi. 

Choreographers-Dancers in order of appearance: Lynda Gernhard, Lauren Hope, Lauren Brown, Johanna "Joie" Martin.

The Complextet:  Alexis Sandusky - clarinet; Will Heinz - alto saxophone; Jasmine Sandusky - bassoon; Daniel Grant - piano; Gary Deaguero - electric guitar; Will Roland - electric bass.



Flutation: Theme and Variations for Flute

"Flutation" is a classical-style Theme & Variations piece, written in the F Lydian mode, contrasted in Variation II with the F Locrian mode.

It is performed here by Dr. Patricia Surman at the King Center Auditorium in Denver, Colorado.



Gabriel's Oboe (arrangement)

"Gabriel's Oboe" by Ennio Morricone, from the motion picture, The Mission.  This arrangement was created by Ernest Ebell, and performed at the King Center auditorium in Denver, Colorado

Ava Francisco - soprano saxophone; Alexis Sandusky - clarinet; Jasmine Sandusky - bassoon; Gary Deaguero - electric guitar