Small World, Writ Large

About this piece:

In the winter of 2020, Mr. Ebell was asked to write a short, contemporary ballet piece.  The reference tracks given were primarily by Two Steps From Hell, but added to that sonic pallet, it was decided to used mixed meters, rather than simple 4/4 or 3/4 meter.  But what to write about?

It wasn't long before the world gave us all something to think and write about.  "Small World, Writ Large" follows the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in China.  It begins quietly, with no one knowing what is coming, followed by the government and some doctors being aware of the problem, but not telling the public.  Next, thanks to Dr. Li Wenliang, the alarm is raised, and the world becomes aware of the virus.  From there, China struggles with the virus, in terms of both social actions and medical care.  At last, after all that can be done has been done, the world holds its breath to see if they were successful.  Thankfully, the efforts were successful, and the nation slowly comes out of lockdown, as the virus recedes.  There is remembrance of the thousands of lives lost, before they begin to rebuild.

After working on the recording of this piece, it was suggested that it could be altered to fit the needs of film trailers, by eliminating one small section, plus the numerous tempi changes, so those suggestions have been applied to the "film trailer" arrangement.